Right before President’s Day, Katsucon took over National Harbor, Maryland. Even though it was the middle of February, the weather was gorgeous, which allowed for some incredible displays of cosplay! The Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center is a spacious place, allowing for LOTS of panels and some amazing photoshoot backdrops.

Katsucon guests were a whose who of anime voice actors, including Chris Ayers (Frieza from Dragon Ball Z). One interesting thing about Katsucon, was the heavy emphasis on craftmanship. There were several model makers on the master guest list, and an abundance of panels discussing advanced crafting techniques. The convention was spread across 4 floors, and each panel space was huge. This was a convention clearly planning to accommodate tens of thousands of people over the 3-day weekend.

Cosplay at Katsucon

Let’s just start with this great cosplay video montage by Code Name Cosplay:

Impressive is not even the right word to describe this! The very quality of cosplay at Katsucon was spectacular! Craftsmanship, creativity, innovation, and enthusiasm were off the charts. Take a look at some of the cosplay we caught on camera. There are a few “Name that Cosplay”s in the gallery. Comment below with your responses!

Pokemon Eevee gijinka were extremely popular at Katsucon this year. They get their own special gallery today.

As always, we hope you were following our Instagram to see live updates during the convention. Add #CosplayKiss to your posts and we’ll check them out and perhaps even feature you! Will you be making plans to attend Katsucon next year? Here’s what we can tell you to navigate National Harbor like a pro…

Tips for Your Trip to Katsucon

  • Reserve your parking in advance. I say this because there is virtually no public transportation in the immediate area, so you will most likely be commuting from somewhere unless you’re staying at the resort. Download an app like Parking Panda and you will save yourself both hassle and money. There are several public parking lots in the area, but they charge hourly unless you use a reservation service like this one.
  • Budget roughly $25-$30 per meal if you’re going to eat at the restaurants down the block from the Gaylord National Resort. The nearest McDonalds is about a mile away. Domino’s and a few other restaurants do deliver to the hotel. Just ask for menus at the concierge desk.
  • Get to registration EARLY!! We went during the preview night and still spent 2 hours in the line. It was constantly moving, there were just that many people in line to pick up badges. If we’re all lucky, Katsucon will mail out pre-reg badges next year and save us all some time.
  • This convention is kid-friendly! There was an entire category of panels catering specifically to children, so don’t hesitate to bring them. However, Katsucon is insanely crowded, so keep a close eye on your child and have them wear an ID bracelet with your contact information on it.

Whether you are a cosplay beginner or a cosplay connoisseur, Katsucon is the place to be to see everything cosplay culture has to offer. Amazing characters are brought to life using cardboard, fabric, EVA foam, LED lights, resin and so much more. Where else can you see Ruby carrying a fully-functioning Crescent Rose? We hope to see you next year! Until then, #CosplayKiss is where we want to see your Katsucon favorites!


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