Gotta catch ’em all! Pokemon will probably go down in history as one of the world’s most popular franchises. Ever since the original games were released in 1996, pokemon spread like wildfire; expanding to anime, movies, more console games, and the ever-popular trading card game. “Gijinka” is a Japanese word that roughly translates to anthropomorphism, or the humanization of things that aren’t human. It is a wildly popular way for people to cosplay as their favorite pokemon. So who do you choose? Charmander? Bulbasaur? Eevee? Pokemon gijinka: I choose you!

How to Gijinka Your Pokemon

The beauty of gijinka is that you can do literally ANYTHING to translate your favorite little digital pocket monster into a humanoid character. The first decision you have to make is simply what style would you like to do? You can go formal, punk, lolita, warrior, or even draw inspiration from another fandom to make a cross over gijinka. Your options are truly endless. Check out all the different ways cosplayers have interpreted a Pikachu gijinka below!

To translate a pokemon to your gijinka, it’s important that it still be recognizable as the pokemon you chose. That’s easy to do as long as you remember these key points:

  1. Pick out some characteristic features of the pokemon, and make sure to include these in your new cosplay. Popular choices are ears, tails, wings, fangs, and claws.
  2. Base your color scheme on the original character. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it still needs to be said. Unless your gijinka is an eevee and comes in 18 different colors, nobody is going to recognize your Charmander if he’s blue. Carry that vibrant color through your accessories and even your makeup.
  3. If your pokemon is furry, try to include that in your gijinka somehow. Add some fuzzy trim or furry boot covers. Shoot for a slick or maybe sequined look for water pokemon. At the same time, make sure you know how to work specifically with the materials you choose. Satin and fleece do not behave the same in a sewing machine.

Bunny Suit Eevee Gijinka

Let’s do a fun gijinka for practice. Eevee is a beloved pokemon in the cosplay world because it evolves into 8 more versions of itself, and all of them make for great cosplay. Today we’re going to do a simple, sexy bunny suit cosplay, like so.


Supply list includes:

  1. Stockings- without the control top. It’ll show with the high cut of the bunny suit leg holes. Shoot for a color that matches your eevee, or a nude look.
  2. Foam or fur for a tail- you can carve and cover the foam in fabric to characterize your specific eevee-lution.
  3. Shoes- heels or boots, in a color fitting your scheme
  4. A wig- style is really up to you, just match the color to your scheme
  5. A head band- this is the easiest way to wear your ears
  6. A bunny suit pattern in your size- Yaya Han makes one, or you can custom measure and draw your own with this tutorial. It is versatile enough for you to use a lacing up closure or a zipper.
  7. Lining fabric- this is the inner layer of your bunny suit that touches the skin, so make it comfortable. A cotton is probably your best bet.
  8. Interfacing- This layer goes between your liner and outer layer. You can use actual interfacing, or go for a slightly stiff fabric to help your bunny suit hold it’s shape.
  9. Top layer fabric- This is the outer layer of your suit. Satin in your color of choice is common. Just use something with little to no stretch.
  10. Boning- a few pieces of this strategically placed in your suit will really help it hold it’s shape. Insert it between the liner and interfacing layers. Plastic boning already in the casing will save you some work.

Details to remember:

  • The bunny suit tutorial above does not include instructions for adding boning to your suit. This short tutorial will make that easy.
  • The fastest way to make your ears is to cut them from foam, cover the outside with fabric, and attach them to your headband. You can also shape them from wire. Don’t forget to wrap the headband with your matching fabric!
  • Only add the interfacing above the waist of your bunny suit. It will add bulk to have it below that point.
  • We recommend using a piece of velcro on the bunny suit to make your tail detachable. You don’t want to mess it up by sitting on it at lunch.

Make sure that you tag us or use the #CosplayKiss when you share your awesome Eevee cosplay on social media!


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