The most anticipated SquareEnix game of perhaps the last 5 years, Final Fantasy XV was finally released this past year. The build up was epic, with demos, apps, and an animated mini-series all setting up the universe ahead of the game. We can only assume that the game will be just as epic, therefore, we must put together a Noctis Lucis Caelum cosplay immediately!

Prince Noctis Character Design

Our royal protagonist is a huge fan of basic black, but this cosplay will not simply come together with standard closet staples. Here are a few detailed reference images:


The devil is in the details, as they say.  It looks like a t-shirt, cargo shorts, and boots should have this handled; but look closer. There is stenciled artwork on the shirt, and a beveled stud trim on the pants pockets. The boots offer an unexpected pop of color with red soles. Pulling this Prince Noctis cosplay together will be so much fun!

Prince Noctis Cosplay

This cosplay comes together fairly easily by modifying existing pieces…

Supply list includes:

  1. Black tshirt
  2. A stencil or stamp- The pattern on his shirt is a scattering of skulls and crossbones.
  3. Black fabric paint
  4. Feathered dark grey or black wig
  5. Black coat – Leather if you have advanced sewing skill, otherwise, a heavy linen should do. Make sure it has a zipper front, not buttons.
  6. Black buttons – In the reference images they appear to have a shiny metallic finish.
  7. Black Cargo capris – or get cargo pants and cut them to just below your knee
  8. Black lace up boots – military boots or a similar style will work
  9. Red paint
  10. Black wrist brace – or you could make your own bracer using fabric to match the jacket

Details to remember:

  • A stud/snap press will make adding the studs go a million times faster. Otherwise, here’s a trick to install them with tweezers.
  • Use paper or muslin to draw a template for the quilted panels on the jacket sleeve. That way, they’ll be uniform when you cut the fabric.
  • Bonus points if you wear gray contacts for that steely gaze.

Prepare to take back your throne! Make sure that you tag us or use the #CosplayKiss when you share your awesome Prince Noctis cosplay on social media!


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