I came across this amazing image of a broken doll created with just makeup. I thought it would be great to create a makeup tutorial to show you how to re-create the broken doll look.


Use a good quality moisturiser on your face, ears, neck and lips. It’s important to moisturise the lips because there will be concealer used later on, and that won’t look good on dry lips.


For that porcelain doll-like skin take a lightweight foundation and build up a full coverage. Apply to the face, ears, lips and neck. Finally use a translucent setting powder.


For the eyebrows use a shadow that matches your hair color. Use soft eye shadow colors and apply to the lid and slightly above. To create the doll’s big eyes, shade half an inch above the eye crease with a dark red eye shadow, then darken the eyelids a bit more using a black eye shadow.

Now use a black eyeliner that won’t smudge and start lining across your eye following the curve of the eyeball. Once that’s done, drag the black eyeliner across your upper lash line and give it a flick at the corner.

Use a white eyeliner and apply it on the waterline and a bit below to make the eyes look triple their normal size.

Now use a red eyeliner along the bottom of the white and connect the top and bottom shadows.

Finally outline the bottom edge with the black eyeliner.


Use a pink blush to add color back to the cheeks. Use a circular motion from the center of the cheek and work outwards. This need to be quite subtle, but needs to cover quite a large area of the cheek.
Then use a dark brow powder to add a little contrast along the cheek contour to create some more dimension. Use a highlighter to create a shiny, porcelain look.


Use a heavy duty concealer on the lips and make sure they disappear!

Starting on the top lip, draw the heart-shaped outline of the doll lips using a red lip tar. Fill this in using the same lip tar. Then create the lower lip shape in the same way.

Creating the Cracks

Use a liquid liner to create the fracture lines across your face. Then use a white face paint to create highlights along the cracks to create some perspective.

Adding the Blood

Use a thick blood gel to create congealed blood in the crack. Using a makeup spatula add a small amount of blood gel along the crack, and then spread it along the crack using a makeup brush.
Then add some thin stage blood to create the drips. Use a brush to add blood into the cracks, and build this up until drips start to naturally flow from the crack.


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