The world recently lost a wonderful piece of nerd culture in actor John Hurt. He was 77 years old, and had played a key role in many of our favorite fandoms over his long career. He was in Hellboy, V for Vendetta, and Dr. Who; and we could think of no better tribute than a tutorial for his beloved character of Mr. Ollivander. Garrick Ollivander made and sold the wands that everyone used in a little shop in Daigon Alley, and the wisdom he imparted on Harry and his crew was instrumental in their ultimately defeating Lord Voldemort. Let’s take a look at his character design from the Harry Potter movies.

Mr. Ollivander Character Design

Mr. Ollivander’s fashion is definitely a rendition of the disheveled, slightly frumpy genius. He wears multiple layers and looks like he may not own a comb. You may get a good start on this cosplay at a local thrift store. Take a look:

Mr. Ollivander Cosplay

In general, you’ll want the various pieces to fit a little large on you for the ideal look.

Supply list includes:

  1. Long red coat- In a thick, heavy fabric. Make it floor length.
  2. Grey tweed coat- longer than your waist, with large lapels.
  3. White dress shirt- with a wing tip collar. It may be hard to find one with the puffy sleeves, but modifying the sleeves yourself will not be difficult
  4. Black slacks
  5. Black loafers
  6. A scarf- It should be skinny or made of a thinner fabric so that you can tie it around your neck.
  7. A white wig- you’re looking for medium length or longer.

Details to remember:

  • The brass buttons on his grey coat go all the way to the bottom. Add some if your coat does not already have them.
  • Consider weathering your clothes if they don’t already look well-worn. Here are a few different techniques you can choose from courtesy MangoSirene.
  • Tease the wig with some hairspray for that “aging genius” look.
  • For a fun prop, buy or make several different wands and carry them in a pocket. Maybe consider a leather tool belt of wand-carving tools.

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